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From: Gene Hemings
Subject: Don's Two First timesThis is partly a work of fiction. Don's Two First Times I met Don in my Sunday School Class when I was about 12 years old and he
was about 9. I found or knew he and his brother and sister also went to
the same grade school I did. He had an older brother and a sister in my
class which I knew from school also. Being a couple of years younger than
me Don was so handsome and cute to look at. I caught myself drooling over
him every time he was near. I think he knew I liked him by my constant
watching his every movement. But for about 6 years we were only
acquaintances in our Church's Sunday School. I only observed him from afar,
never talking to him. I was leaning towards BI at this time. I so wanted to suck a dick and eat
and fuck a pussy too. It did not matter which came first, the pussy or the
dick. It could not cum fast enough to suit me. My sex drive was as normal
as all young boys at this age. Longing underage gallery girls to get some yet not knowing how to
get it was my biggest problem. Little did I know how close I was to
fullfilling horny teens underage parts of my dream. As I was now about 18 and driving my own car it so happened the restaurant
I hung out at was in Don's town and his friends were my friends. He started
hanging around with the boys I was hanging with. I figured his parents were
releasing control slowly on him. We all rode around underage lotita pics
goofing off and looking for girls. Sometimes we would
have 2 or 3 cars of guys just cruising the hood as we called it. Sometimes
a couple of guys would bring along their girl friends. Nothing bad ever
happened we just enjoyed each others company and had a lot of good times
together. Those were underage hookers
truly happy times. As things went, Don started riding in my car a lot. Why I did not know,
but liked the fact he was with me in my car. I could look at his beautiful
face and we had great conversations always! Sometimes after our night of fun I was required to drop him at his house.
He had curfews to meet. As long underage nudests as he was in front of his house he was safe
from mom and dad getting pissed at him. We would sit and talk for awhile
before he went in. Well after quite a few months of this kind oriental underage sex of action Don and I were alone
and much more comfortable with being together. We were riding around with
nothing to do. I have no idea how it happened it was just the two of us,
but it was. It was probably one in the afternoon when I spotted a girl I knew and she
flagged us down. She was in her car and asked me to follow her. We did. To
her apartment she shared with her boy friend. She expressed underage and girls
to us she was
really pissed off at her boy friend who was at work. She asked us if sex underage xxx we
were ready to party. Of course we were. I was kind of surprised by her open
willingness to fuck us. I had known her for a few years. I knew a good
friend of mine that was fucking her as his girl friend a few years back. I
also knew her new boy friend she was pissed at. Don was invited into the bedroom first to fuck her and I was told I had to
wait. I was so wanting it to be a threesome so I could get a look at Dons
dick and maybe blow him too in a nice threesome! I waited my turn and then
went into the bedroom after Don came out with such a jap underage girls huge smile on his
face, you could tell it was his first time. He was well satisfied and at 16
it probably was his first piece of ass! Would he admit that to me? NO WAY. For me, at 18 this was "my" first pussy I fucked. I'll admit it too! She had on an open blouse and no bra, but was nude below the waist as she
lay on her bed. Then she said come on over here and fuck me Gene, lets get
this over with. That tone kind of pissed me off but who was I to refuse my
first pussy? I was so excited I was afraid I'd cum before I got my dick in
her. Had I been smart I would have gone in the bathroom and jacked off
while Don was fucking her. I could have lasted quite a bit longer and had a
much better fuck. He was in there for at least 20 minutes. I on the other
hand took about ten strokes pulled out and cum on her stomach. Of course we
were done then. I got dressed and washed my hands and we left her
apartment. I guess she was showing her boy friend she too could cheat. It
seemed she had a vendetta towards him. So now after our girl fuck session Don and I had quite a bond between
us. Better than before. A week or so later Don and I were left alone as it was time for all the
boys to go home and that left Don last sitting in my back seat. I pulled up
in front of his rural house and off the road and parked in the ditch that
went in front of all the homes. He was not ready to go inside and I was
hoping he would sit in the car and talk. I loved looking at him he was so
handsome. We talked for about 3 or 4 minutes and out of the blue he
said. Hey I think you would like to suck my dick are you ready? I was
floored by his remark, but denied it to him. I was afraid this might be a
set up so I thought I should go slow. Of course I had longed to suck his
dick for years. He said look, I see how you look at me and I believe you want my cock.
After saying no about three times, I then said Ok I will suck it. Take it
out. He proceeded to pull out the nicest, 5 inch cut cock I had seen in
quite a while. I had never sucked a dick yet at 18. I jumped in the back seat and he took his pants down to his ankles and
pulled his shirt up to expose the nicest smooth skinny but gorgious body in
town. I dived down on his meat and took it as deep as I could without
gagging. His young boy body smell was enough to make me cum. That smell
does not stay with youngsters long enough either! I licked his dick head underage twins nude to some super sweet pre cum. It was delicious and
plentiful. I sucked his cock then dove down and sucked the sweetest tasting
balls yet. His balls were smaller than mine yet beautiful. His cut 5 inch
straight dick was a beauty to behold. I sucked his dick for 5 minutes and
he said he was getting close. I now wanted to taste his cum too. I told him
I wanted his cum in my mouth so please do cum in my mouth! If it was as
good as the pre cum I was in for a real treat. I was going up n down and
licking the head so much I knew by my fondling his balls he was about to
cum so I sucked like a vacuume cleaner as he started squirting down my
throat and in my mouth. He cum so much it was dripping from my mouth, I
could not swallow it all fast enough. Yet it was so good I did not want to
loose a drop. I took my finger and pushed what was running down my chin
back up and into my mouth. Don was in awe and looked stunned. It must have
been his first blow job. I guess I was responsible for Don loosing two of
his cherries in less than a week. Don was so happy from my blow job he could hardly walk from my underage and girls car to his
house. He later said it was like he was drunk the way my blow job took over
his body. I wanted to kiss him and make out with him but he would not do
that, he only wanted to get as far away from me underage twink fucked as soon as he could. The next day he expressed how good my blow job was and appologized for
running away so quickly after he had cum. He asked me was the taste of his
cum good? I said hell yeah it was fantastic and I'd like some more. He
frowned at my statement. I asked him was he interested in trying a 69, underage love tgp to
which he said absolutly not! I was then afraid he was going to tell all our
friends about last night but he then said look this is between you and me,
please don't tell anyone you blew me. WOW was I relieved by that statement.
I would have been banned from town. I never got the underage teen nudity chance to blow Don
again. I got distracted by another sport and kind of left town anyway. I still think of Don's dick and how we had a naked underage whores such a great time in my back
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